Thursday, 6 August 2009

A lovely day dream

Our company was taken over by a new company about 2 months ago so we currently have temporary managers in while our managers retrain. One of the managers (we will call him Harry) has been on my back all day today - just little stuff and he did it in a nice way but it still meant I was having difficulty getting anything done and was shattered by the time I got on the bus to come home and found myself drifting off into a trance - not quite asleep but almost there.

I have been called to Harry's office.
The door is open, I tap and wait.
"Come in and sit down please sara"
I do as I am told. Harry closes the door and sits down. He takes a form from his desk drawer and starts to write then he looks up and says "I am fed up of repeating myself to you today sara, you are in a position of responsibility and I shouldn't have to tell you the same thing time and time again"
"I'm sorry I really am trying its just that its a really busy day and I am struggling to keep up"
"Well you won't have to struggle much longer because when I have finished filling this form in you will be being given your weeks notice"
"You're sacking can't do that I need this job... I'll do better I promise"
"Well there is one way you can keep your job"
"Ok you can keep your job if you take a good old fashioned spanking..something to remind to pay attention to my instuctions in the future"
I laughed...I mean he couldn't be serious...however Harry just continued with the form
"Well I see you would prefer I continue with the first option then"
"You're serious.. you want to spank me"
"Yes I'm serious but no I don't want to spank need to be spanked its quite you agree"
" I definately keep my job"
"Yes..the slate will be wiped clean"
"Ok then"
With that Harry got up and locked the door.
"Right stand up, lean across the desk and grasp the other edge. You will stay in position untill I have finished or it dosen't count and we continue with the form...ok"
I do as I am told with shaking hands and a sick feeling in my stomach. I have never been spanked before not even as a child. Next I hear Harry undoing his belt and sliding it out of the loops.
"Ok I am going to begin and you will stay still"
I close my eyes and wait
Crack the first spank lands dead centre and sends fire across my cheeks

Sorry I will have to finish this later - what took only about 10 minutes to dream about is taking ages to write. DH is home and need to use the pc before he goes out.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fed up

There's been no spanking, sex or fun all weekend - we seem to have done nothing but argue - it wouldn't be so bad if it was something worth arguing over but its all little silly arguments.

Earlier I got yelled at for ripping a plastic bag - he had got some shopping and had tied the bag tight and couldn't get it open to get the bread rolls out he wnated to take to work for lunch - he asked me to do it and I couldn't untie it either so I ripped the bag open and then got yelled at cause he wanted the bag to put his rolls in - I'm not a mind reader - so ended up in a screaming match.

Then he popped in to make his lunch and offered me one of his rolls to take to work - I said no thanks, then after he made it he said are you sure you don't want any - I said I'm sure thanks. He came to see what I was upto on the computer and offered again - I said no thanks. Then on his way out the door he offered again and I couldn't be nice any more and shouted for gods no - how many more times to I have to say no. To which he replied I was only trying to be nice and slammmed the door on his way out.

Trying to nice is offering once or maybe twice but driving me insane by keep asking isn't it? Or maybe I'm in a bad mood - anyway I have to get ready for work now.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Safe so far

My bottom is still safe at the moment. I was out last night so didn't get up till late this morning and then DH went out to watch the racing with his father and now I am off to meet him for lunch.

He hasn't mentioned my due spanking today - not sure whether I am pleased about that or not?

Well anyway time to go - see you later

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Thanks Bonnie

I am really chuffed - thank you so much for mentioning my blog.

Also thanks to my 2 followers - although at the moment there isn't very much to follow. We have both been really busy with work and haven't had much time together to talk let alone anything else. (opposite shifts all week)

Although things could change on Sunday - we both have the day off and I have been warned that ther is a spanking coming my way as several times this week he has found DVDs in the wrong cases - something that drives him mad - I can't see it myself they are safe but I fear my bottom is not and I might see things his way on Monday.

We will see we have tried the DD lifestyle several times without much success it just ends up being a game - DH will make up silly excuses to spank me but then let me weedle my way out of the ones I really need but do not think I want at the time - leaving me feeling cheated. Then other times I think that its the fantasy of DD that I want not the reality - maybe we will get it together one day but in the mean time the erotic spankings are fantastic.

That's it from me for now

Monday, 20 July 2009

I got a spanking

Only a short one but better than nothing. He had me lie over a chair with my feet on the floor one side and my hands on the floor the othet side. Then he gave me a few swots with his hand and then picked up my slipper and gave me about a dozen swots with it. Boy oh boy did it sting.

Then he led me upstairs and and fucked me hard and fast leaving me feel used and abused - it was fantastic

Sunday, 19 July 2009

I want a sapnking

I really need one. Its been what feels like ages since we had any time to play - first DH was sick and then working extra hours this week.

What I what is a sound spanking that I will still be feeling tomorrow - however this is unlikely to happen. DH is on late shift tonight and won't be home till about 3am - he'll be really tired when he gets home so I doubt he will want to play and if he does the spanking won't be very long as there has been no sex lately either and that will take priority.

At least we both have tomorrow off work so hopefully some fun then...

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Starting again

Since DH has been off work poorly I have not managed to get much of my flylady routines done at all - in fact I haven't really had much time to do anything at all except go to work and look after DH.

When I added up all I haven't done ready to update my punishment log - the spank count was really high - so DH has said I would be forgiven those as I had been looking after him - its not that I have been lazy or spent too much time on the pc - I just haven't had the time to complete my tasks.

He went back to work today so we are starting afresh from today.

My punishment log is back to 0 - at least for now